Timing Belt Replacement

Timing or Cam belt replacement experts

If you’re hearing a funny tweeting noise as you’re driving around, either there’s a bird trapped under the bonnet or, much more likely, it’s a sign that the timing belt (also known as a cam belt) needs replacing. We are expert at this awkward procedure and are careful to fit and tension the new belt correctly so as to avoid slippage and potential engine damage.

Why replacing your timing belt is so important


The timing belt is so-called because it controls the timing of the engine’s valves. This is crucial because if the timing belt fails, the engine will stop completely. If you don’t act on the warning signs, you could be in danger of causing serious damage to the engine’s internal components, which can be extremely costly to repair or replace – we’re talking damage to valves, pistons, cylinder heads and cylinder walls (ouch!)

As with all aspects of car maintenance, prevention is better than cure. So, if you’re in a position to do so, we would recommend replacing your timing belt before it starts showing tell-tale symptoms that it’s on its way out. Most car manufacturers recommend replacement of a timing belt every 60,000 to 75,000 miles depending on the make and model of the car, or alternatively every five years.

Why not replace your water pump at the same time?

Because of its location, a quick visual inspection of the timing belt is not possible. In order to access the timing belt we need to remove the fan belts, pulleys, crankshaft pulley and timing covers. For added reassurance we recommend using a timing belt kit.

This includes a new timing belt, an idler pulley, tensioner pulley, tensioner spring and cam cover gasket. It is often a good idea to change the camshaft and crankshaft oils and your water pump at the same time.


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  • A usual thought the job was bigger than it was,after rob advised me that it wasnt major,and quoted me i was more than happy. I have been going to whitkirk...

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